use cases

Broad use of green coal

There is a broad variety of industrial processes requiring water to be heated or running furnaces. Hence, the demand for briquets keeps growing. No wonder, since Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Accoring to a report of UNECA, the average annual growth of the GDP of Ethiopia was 9.4 per cent.


In a canteen in Gondar fuelwood is used for cooking.

More and more companies are being established in and around Addis Ababa with the majority being in the industrial sector.

In an area of 100km around Addis Ababa alone there are more than 300 companies for which briquets are a perfect fit. On average, one company needs 50 tons per month. This adds up to a monthly market potential of 15,000 tons of briquets just in the greater Addis Ababa area. In addition, there are larger industrial sites in other parts of the country that could also benefit of briquets, for instance in Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa or Mekele.

Already today, biomass briquets are used in a number of textile plants. Just one example: One of our customers has replaced 3 boilers operating with Diesel, now using our briquets. Many additional companies have indicated interest to switch to environmentally friendly fuel. Our briquets are ideally fitted for number of different industries, such as:

  • textile
  • leather and tanneries
  • soap production
  • paper
  • food processing
  • cement
  • brickworks
  • canteens

In these industries, today mostly fire wood, charcoal or Diesel are used. In many cases, the management of these companies is familiar with the benefits of “green coal”, as briquets are also called, from other countries, for example from India.

Briquets present many advantages compared to traditional fuels:

  • Easy packaging, transport and storage
  • Higher thermal efficiency than lose biomass
  • Avoiding pollution
  • Less residual ash