ASIF has a clear commitment towards a social enterprise for profit and has a charta for corporate responsibility where gender issues and fair remuneration play a prominent role.
Investors with a high demanding attitude towards ethical and ecological investments will find here the ideal partner.
Modern principles of management like Balanced Scorecard is the backbone of the company.

African Briquet Factory (ABF) PLC, registered in Addis Ababa is an Ethiopian-German venture and African Social Investment Fund Beteiligungs GmbH (ASIF GmbH), registered in Munich holds 98% of ABF shares.
The profits of ABF PLC are reinvested or are transferred to ASIF GmbH and are at the disposal of shareholders for the profit distribution. The founder of ASIF GmbH, Gerd Ladstätter holds the majority and three other founding shareholder have between 3 and 12,5% of shares. (May 1st, 2014).

In the last 6 years ABF PLC has created the basic know-how for biomass-briqueting and has opened up this attractive market. Today the enterprise is fully scalable to serve the high demand.

The market potential in East Africa would allow the upscaling with a factor of 100 easily (In 2014, there were 800 factories with 1500 briqueting machines in use in India alone). The impact on climate change and economical development would be significant.

Investors can choose amongst different models of participation
• Buying shares from ASIF GmbH (will be transferred 1:1 to ABF PLC in Ethiopia).
• “typisch stille Beteiligung” with an annual interest payment and participation on profits.
• Crowdinvest with bettervest started (see details)

The risks
The political risks in African countries is evident. ABF PLC has proven to cope with this issues besides that Ethiopia is one of the safest country among the Sub-Saharan countries.
The Ethiopian investment law has defined some incentives e.g. the free transfer of profits and several tax-free rights for investments in renewable energy and recycling waste are in place.

Ethiopia is also Member of
• MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency – part of the Worldbank).
• ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
• WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
The WTO membership is currently in preparation.

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