In producing and marketing environmentally friendly fuels we contribute to a noticable and sustainable improvement of the living conditions in Ethiopia.


Advancing deforestation is leaving noticable scars all over the country.

Stopping deforestation
Ethiopia is 3 times the size of Germany. 40 years ago, 40 per cent of the country were covered with forrest. According to the German environmental protection association BUND, there is only 2.7 per cent left. The still progressing deforestation however can not only blamed on the fast growing population. Also economic progress and growth have resulted in a growing demand for firewood, as many enterprises, also start-ups, are heating with fuelwood or charcoal.

In an area of 100km around Addis Ababa 100,000 tons of fire wood are being burned per year – and rising. Biomass briquets not only provide a higher caloric value than fuelwood or charcoal, but they are also more environmentally friendly, as they are agricultural byproducts and not a single tree needs to be cut.

The effect on climate protection is significant. Through the use of 1 ton of briquets 1.5 tons of CO2 can be compensated (calculation based on reference projects of UNFCCC).

Climate Protection
More and more companies in Ethiopia are replacing Diesel burners and start using briquets instead. “Green coal” is not only cheaper than fossile fuels. It also does not contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas C02 in the atmosphere.

Social benefits

Healthy energy
We do not use any chemical additives or binders. Through the clever combination of various kinds of biomass we can produce pure biomass products without any additives.

Family income for 50 employees
All employees, from simple worker to management, are locals. AT the moment we employ 50 people (May 2014). These jobs actually contribute significantly to the household income of their families, supporting aproximately additional 100 people. In many cases, they are even the only person earning money.

Reliable Energy
Ethiopia is bothered with many power outages, which hurting especially the industry. ABF’s biomass briquets offer an reliable power source.