Crowdfunding: We will expand our production capacity

We are about to start a crowdfunding project to finance the expansion of our production of coffee-briquettes. This will take place in a few days on the bettervest platform which is a crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects.

Crowdfunding means that everyone has the chance to invest in a special project and the crowd makes it happen together.
The total amount of money we need for being able to expand our production is 195.000 Euros.

With the 195.000 Euros we are able to:

  • Build a new production hall
  • Buy a truck (used, 8 t)
  • As well as a Briquette press
  • Solar dryer and
  • Electricity generator

Our concept is to conform to the “Growth and transformation plan” of the Ethiopian government: using sustainable energy, providing new jobs, supporting sustainable development as well as focusing on security of supply.
Our impact of producing CO
2-neutral briquettes is not only the sustainable thought itself, it is also about having an alternative to the illegal deforestation from extracting charcoal and firewood, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the conservation of natural habitats for endangered species of animals and plants.

Everyone who owns a German banking account can support us by investing between 50 and 10.000 Euros. By participating, you’ll benefit from high interest rates over the next five years with the extra money we’re able to make because of the higher level of production.

So join us and help us to make the world a better place by investing in our production expansion in Ethiopia.
See more details our bettervest page.