Next to the founder Gerd Ladstätter our workforce will only build up on qualified Athopien personnel.

Gerd Ladstätter

General Manager & Founder
Has been living in working in Addis Ababa since 2009. After founding the company he keeps looking for new and promising technologies. Gerd holds a master degree in Marketing and OD.

Fikirte Tekaligne

Managing Director
Holding a Master in Economics, Fikirte is running the operational business. In addition, she is responsible for Finance.

Birhane Leta

Production Manager
Holds a master degree in industrial engineering and heads the production team (technicians and workers).
Our Team
Our Culture Next to founder Gerd Ladstätter our team consists only of qualified and highly skilled Ethiopians. Modern management methods and professional leadership, adapted to the local culture, establish African Briquet Factory as an employer with a model role. We follow ecological and social values and principles. Sustainability is important to us. This is why African Briquet Factory was not founded as a social development project, but as a Social Enterprise for profit. The profits are mostly reinvested in the upscaling of the company.
Staffing structure In Sept. 2017, African Briquet Factory employed 50 people – all Ethiopian. A large majority is working in production. Our 4 managment team members, managing director, production mgr., finance mgr., marketing mgr., are supported by technical staff. Fair wages and health insurance for all employees are part of our understanding of Corporate Responsibility. We also ensure good working conditions, providing variety as well as performance incentives.