Making a difference

African Briquet Factory (ABF) is an Ethiopian-German joint venture and is run as a social enterprise for profit. When founding ABF Gerd Ladstätter did not intend to create yet another development project with insecure funding. He wanted to create something that “helps and stays”. He knew: the backbone of a sustainable economic development are healthy, midsize companies.

Our Mission

  • Utilizing agricultural residues/waste of different production processes to create a reliable energy source for improving the health and the social, ecological and economic life – in Ethiopia and all over East Africa.
  • Applying modern management techniques and professional leadership to follow corporate responsibility principles.
  • Working as a social enterprise for profit to build a sustainable business and providing jobs to support local development.

Building the company to date
African Briquet Factory PLC was founded in August 2011 as a 98 per cent subsidiary of the German African Social Investment Fund Beteiligungs GmbH (ASIF GmbH). 2 per cent are held by the managing director.

In November 2011 a production facility was rented and in December the first briquetting machine was set up.

In January 2012 production started. Our first briquetting machine has an anual max capacity of 6,000 tons, when operated in three shifts. Our production and sales grew steadily. In the months March through May 2013 we achieved the level of the full annual revenue of 2012.

Workers packing briquets.

Workers packing briquets.

While we kept increasing our production, up to 800 tons in the first quarter 2014, we were outgrowing our old premises and had to look for a new production site. Our new place should clearly provide more space, offering more storage and enough room for at least one more machine. Since May 2014, ABF PLC started production in a new hall, twice the size of our previous facility, offering enough room to double our capacity.