Briquet test in gypsum factory

A very successful test took place in one big gypsum factory in the south of Addis Ababa.

In this factory, 40 t firewood per day are burned. This makes disappear 8 ha forest every year (there are almost no managed forests in Ethiopia). There are still hundreds of factories in Ethiopia using firewood for their energy needs.

We could prove that not only from a pure cost standpoint but also because of other technical reasons  like the caloric-value (1 t of our biomass-briquet equals 2,5 t of firewood), the ash content (briquets have the half of the ash content compared with firewood) and the reduced storage volume, the utilization of biomass-briquets is an advantage.

The new production facility is under construction right now and we will more then double our production capacity. When this factory is ready we will be able to replace the 40 t firewood with 15 t biomass.briquet per day.

briquettest gips holz