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New Factory Building – Construction Started

We would like to give a brief notice that we started the construction of our new production facility. As you can see on the pictures the groundpillars are build.

Crowdfunding: We will expand our production capacity

We are about to start a crowdfunding project to finance the expansion of our production of coffee-briquettes. This will take place in a few days on the bettervest platform which is a crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects. Crowdfunding means that everyone has the chance to invest in a special project and the crowd makes it happen together. The total amount of money we need for being able to expand our production is 195.000 Euros. With the 195.000 Euros we are able to: Build a new production hall Buy a truck (used, 8 t) As well as a Briquette press Solar dryer and Electricity generator Our concept is to conform to the ...