Green Energy for East Africa

The African Briquet Factory develops biomass as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source for East Africa.

One example: coffee is Ethiopia's most important export product. When the coffee cherry is harvested, the coffee bean only accounts for 15% of the weight. The remaining 85% are waste - actually it is biomass.

From biomass like this, African Briquet Factory is producing briquets: a climate friendly fuel - also called green coal, replacing Diesel and firewood.


briquetting machines are operating in India.

Converting agricultural waste into briquetts is globally proven.

Sustainable Production
14-06968Growing market: From 2009 to 2013 Ehtiopia's economy grew by 9.4% YoY. Enterprises are settling around Addis Ababa, all needing energy. For many industries, briquets are ideal fuel. >> Read more
umweltschutzEnvironmental protection in action: Deforrestation keeps progressing. This can only be achieved by reducing both the commercial and private demand for fuel wood and charcoal. >> Read more
14-06971Employment: Ethiopia is suffering from high unemployment. Every job with fair wages supports the household income of a usually large family.
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“Producing briquettes from byproducts as an alternative of charcoal and firewood is significant in countering environmental pollution”
--- Dr. Tewoldeberhan Geberegziabher, Director General of the Federal Environmental Protection Authority at Inauguration 2012 ---